Its the 16th February 2004, its 22.00.


You go to the surgery. After about 45 minutes you hear a car draw up, a rather battered Fiesta. Sarah-Jane is brought into the surgery by her mother, Ruth. During the time it took them to arrive you have had a chance to look through the family's records. You notice that Ruth is being treated for postnatal depression and that Sarah-Jane's sister, Kylie, has asthma.

Ruth sits down and you ask her some questions and find out these details:-


She had a runny nose yesterday.

Her cough started this morning. It seems tickly - it keeps annoying her.

She vomited once this afternoon.

There has been no diarrhoea or temperature.

She has been well since discharge from hospital 3 months ago.


What would you like to do?

Examine her Ask more questions Treat her Send to hospital Review in the morning