Its the 16th February 2004, its 22.00.


You go to see Sarah-Jane. OK you finish the cup of tea and the documentary first. It takes 15 mins to drive to her house, in a rather isolated part of the catchment area. When the door is answered, her mother, Ruth takes you inside and into the lounge. The whole house is a mess, with clothes, papers, bills and dirty plates strewn around.


The baby is sitting in her bouncer chair. Next to her is the dog, asleep on the floor. It smells. There is another child, maybe 3 years old wathcing TV in the room.


You ask the mother some questions and find out these details:-

She had a runny nose yesterday.

Her cough started this morning. It seems tickly - it keeps annoying her.

She vomited once this afternoon.

There has been no diarrhoea or temperature.

She has been well since discharge from hospital 3 months ago.


What would you like to do?

Examine her Ask more questions Treat her Send to hospital Review in the morning